By implementing MONEX BOOM's proprietary trading platforms, licensed financial institutions, such as banks and broker dealers, are enabled to offer multi-market trading capabilities under their own brand, retain full customer control and confidentiality.

While enhancing client experience - recruiting and retention - and increasing revenue, our cost-effective, easy-to-implement front and back office solutions help minimizing institutions' overhead expenses.
Broker-Dealers can take advantage of MONEX BOOM's pricing, multiple-market coverage and execution.

  • Flexible and Affordable Pricing
  • Ability to establish an online presence in Asian and U.S. major stock markets
  • DMA processing for Hong Kong, U.S. and Japan markets
(Omnibus account models)

  1. Dealing console for broker-dealers;
  2. Own-hosted GUIs with BOOM's trading APIs; or
  3. Send seamless point-to-point orders via FIX Gateway. (Financial Information Exchange)
Applicable to firms:
  • Plan to build online trading solution themselves
  • Seek for flexible, custom integration
Select from a range of plug-ins to form the Institutional Stock Broking Solution that save your time and resources in back-office.

  • Real-time Trade Order Management - Trade Console or Integrated Solutions
  • Virtual Trade Reconciliation - Bulk Trade & Allocate to Accounts
  • Post-trade Processing
  • White-label Statements - Consolidated Client Account Statements
  • Comprehensive Electronic Reporting
Affordable financing for emerging broker-dealers and banks to provide savings on operational cash in use.

  • Affordable credit line program
  • Local and Overseas Securities Financing Facilities
  • Online Risk Management - Automated Execution of Margin Calls and Stop Outs Alerts
If you are wealth managers, trading advisors, investment consultants or offer other value-added services for traders wish to grow your business by offering multi-market stock trading access to your clients, talk to us see how we can meet your needs.