Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Hong Kong, MONEX BOOM has been offering stock brokerage services to worldwide retail investors. In addition, we offer comprehensive Institutional Stock Broking Solutions, tailored to the needs of institutions - large and small.

MONEX BOOM offers front and back office services that help institutions easily access the major stock markets in Asia and the U.S. To ensure the success of your brokerage business, we provide efficient, cost-effective and reliable service.

Licensed Financial Institutions
are enabled to offer multi-market trading capabilities under their
own brand, retain full customer control and confidentiality.

  • DMA processing for Hong Kong markets
  • STP processing for U.S., Japan, Korea, Singapore and Australia markets
  • Seamless processing for other 6 Asian markets
  • Multi-market stock trading platform with single sign-on
  • Trade listed securities across 12 Asian and U.S. markets
  • Complete web access - simply place instructions over internet browser
  • Support 6 major currencies - HKD, USD, JPY, AUD, SGD and CNY
  • Consolidated buying power enable trading in any market
  • Sale proceeds immediately available for buying again across markets
  • Margin facilities across 12 markets
  • Enhance buying power with any of the 18,000 stocks from U.S., Hong Kong, Japan, Australia and Singapore
  • Collections of powerful online trading order types
  • Trading platform opens 24x7 - simply pre-set orders and let the system send to market once triggered